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Changsha xuanteng intellectual property agency co.LTD  

Xuanteng intellectual property ( is a one-stop intellectual property service platform for smes and individuals. Able to provide customers with one - on - one patent application, trademark registration, copyright and other intellectual property services.

With "knowledge and friendship" to gather industry elites, with "professional and sincere" service technology innovation, with "focus and pragmatic" to create the value of intellectual property. We should improve ourselves with the spirit of "keeping improving the craftsmanship", adhere to the transparency and standardization of services, and make intellectual property rights truly serve the development of enterprises.

Xuanteng intellectual property To make people trust the intellectual property service platform

Trust is that you pay the most expensive price for us for free, so I cherish our intersection, not just at the end of the transaction, just from the beginning of trust! Xuanteng intellectual property, make people trust the intellectual property service platform!

Our service advantage

Professional advantage

Senior industry expert team is responsible for policy interpretation, material compilation, business plan issuance, one-to-one service

Advantages of resource integration

Integrate upstream and downstream channels, industries resources, timely information docking

Service advantages

Experts free on-site service, synchronous integration of your trademark, patent, copyright protection scheme, fully improve the competitiveness of intellectual property

Brand advantage

Deeply cultivated intellectual property service for 11 years, hunan intellectual property industry leader, promote and realize the commercialization of intellectual property

A secret advantage

The establishment of a complete background database, intellectual property services to provide strict confidentiality system

Years of industry experience, 120,000 quality member enterprises, intellectual property one-stop service

Industry advantage

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